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Pop Global Media Invites You To

Feel Free

We believe that privacy, respect and trust combined with innovation to empower users to be everything they can be is the foundation of the next generation web.

Search Engine Technology


Our proprietary and powerful web search technology addresses the current key issues with existing products like Google and delivers a better, more innovative search experience for users. It’s better for users because user data is not exploited or privacy compromised.

In fact, the growing public backlash against Google’s “doomed to fail“ business model was the driving force behind our trusted search framework. Secondly, it’s better for business because a more trusted environment fosters a more credible and productive marketplace.

Shape Your Story With

Social Media

Our portfolio of intellectual property holdings include powerful social media solutions that address and solve the inherent problems faced by current social media companies. Privacy, trust and a “manipulation free“ environment where users and marketers can co-exist in stable, credible, creative and productive ecosystem.

The Whole World Is Listening

Music Streaming

Our innovative music streaming products bring the music to life and bring business to the eyes and ears of music listeners worldwide.

Worldwide Monetized


Discover our completely monetized rapid application development (RAD) framework for deploying multiplayer games online.

The online gaming industry generated $137.9 Billion in revenue for 2018. Our unique gaming framework (PopFX) makes creating, building and deploying monetized game products cost-effective and incredibly fast.

Innovations in direct-delivery, audio and graphics production combined with our ongoing research and development offers unique opportunities for the right licensing partners and infrastructures.

Take The Step Forward And

Join Us

Our complete ecosystem of powerful intellectual property assets represent a quantum leap forward in innovation and opportunity.

Take Back The Net With

Pop Global Media, Inc.

Contact us today to learn more about our intellectual property assets and complete ecosystem of innovative products and solutions.

Products With Heart That

Kick Ass

The complete portfolio of intellectual property holdings include a radical new search engine technology, social media solutions, file storage and image manipulation tools for photographers, artists and much more. Our gaming platform is integrated directly with all other products, as are all of our unique and game-changing technologies. We proved that a small, privately held corporation with a development team headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida could create world-class products that can compete with the biggest names in the industry. We’re seeking like-minded individuals and organizations who wish to join with us on our journey to Take Back The Net.